End-Time based reports missing samples issue workaround

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I often faced an issue while authoring reports that take a function of the End-Time for the X axis and a Sum(aggregatedEventCount) for the Y Axis.

The issue is that whenever NO results were returned for a End_time function sampling period,this End Time sample will not appear in the report. This is a pure conceptual issue, as neither ArcSight/SQL has to  know that I would like to have a 0 if no events occured during a sampling period...


I found a solution to mitigate this issue by using some tips retrieved here and that consist in using a sort of "probe" to be sure that all the sampling periods will be present in the report.


An example of the ouctome is shown on the picture: In the graph without probe, the hours from 22h to 05h are missing in the graph which gives an unaccurate pespective of the event flow. In the graph with a probe, those sample periods are shown.


Attached a .rar wih a package and a document !