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Announcing the General Availability (GA) of the following:


ArcSight SmartConnector Build AND the new ArcSight Enterprise System Connector for HP Service Manager with REST support are now available for download from the HP support web site at http://support.openview.hp.com.




HP ArcSight is a leading global provider of security and compliance management solutions. ArcSight SmartConnectors and Enterprise System Connectors provide advanced event and log data collection and processing capabilities to help enterprises and government agencies gain comprehensive visibility and critical insights into their IT infrastructure across all users, networks, datacenters, and applications. ArcSight SmartConnectors are updated frequently to add support for new devices and event sources as well as new device versions.




  • HP Printers support (syslog) - This SmartConnector will enable HP to collect and monitor printer events for security purpose. Therefore, increasing your security posture to cover HP printers. For example: printing during off hours, what has been printed, who printed what files, user account creation and deletion messages.   The list of HP printers supported are listed below.


  • HP Service Manager REST Enterprise System Connector - The REST API integration offers more flexibility and dynamism to communicate and exchange case information between ArcSight ESM and HP Service Manager.   Translation, the HP SM Rest Enterprise System Connector delivers the flexibility to enables improved functional integration with production deployment of HP Service Manager (typically customized to work in the production environment unique to the customer)


  • ArcSight FlexConnector SNMP - Added full support for Simple Network Management

Protocol Version 3 (SNMPv3).  SNMPv3 supports authentication and encryption, thus enhancing the security posture.


What’s New?


New Connectors

SmartConnector for

Device Version Supported

Cisco Wireless LAN Controller SNMP

Cisco Airespace (MIB 4.0)

HP Printers Syslog

Multiple MFP HP printers
  (See below or the configuration guide for details.)

RSA Identity Management Service SNMP

  1. 8.0



Enterprise System Connector for


HP Service Manager REST

  1. 9.32

New Device, Component, or OS Version Support

SmartConnector for

New Device, Component, or OS Version

ArcSight FlexConnector SNMP

  1. 3.0

Aruba Mobility Controller Syslog

7210, 7270

IBM WebSphere File

  1. 8.5

Kaspersky DB

Security Center 10.0

Microsoft SQL Server Multiple Instance Audit DB

SQL Server 2014

Proofpoint Enterprise Protection and Enterprise Privacy Syslog

  1. 7.2

Sourcefire Defense Center eStreamer

  1. 5.3

VMware ESX/ESXi Syslog

  1. 5.5

VMware Web Services

  1. 5.5






There are many more fixed issues and enhancement delivered with this release. Please read the SmartConnector Release Notes additional information.


Customer documentation and release notes are published on Protect 724.

If you have further questions about this release, please contact Customer Support.


Verify that you have a SmartConnector license before installing these connectors. If you are interested in a newly released SmartConnector, contact your sales representative to acquire a license.


You can find documentation and release notes on Protect 724 at https://protect724.arcsight.com. If you have any questions, please contact Customer Support at: http://support.openview.hp.com.


Thank you,


HP ArcSight SmartConnector Product Team



Below is the list of supported HP printers. Additional information is available from the SmartConnector configuration guide.


Printer Type

  Model Number

HP Color LaserJet Enterprise

  M651, MFP M680, CP5520 Series, CP5525, MFP M575

HP Color LaserJet Enterprise Flow

  MFP M680, MFP M880

HP Color LaserJet

  M750, M855, CM4540 MFP

HP LaserJet

M4555 MFP, 500 COLOR M551, 500 COLOR MFPM575, 500 MFP M525, 600 M601, 600 M602, 600 M603, MFP M630, 700 COLOR MFPM775, 700 M712, 700 MFPM725, MFPM725, M806

HP LaserJet Enterprise Flow

  MFP M525, MFP M630, MFP M830

HP OfficeJet Enterprise Color

  MFP X585

HP OfficeJet Enterprise Color Flow

  MFP X585

HP Digital Sender Flow

  8500 fn1 Document Capture Workstation

HP Scanjet Enterprise

  8500 fn1, 8500 fn1 Document Capture Workstation