Python Script to Send Data as Syslog

Document created by hassanvf on Nov 11, 2014
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I was working on a project where we were using python to implement the Web API for a product. One sprint was to send output of our scripts as Syslog to our ArcSight Connector appliance. I wrote the below script .

Just wanted to share if it helps anyone.




import logging

import logging.handlers


#Create you logger. Please note that this logger is different from  ArcSight logger.


my_logger = logging.getLogger('MyLogger')


#We will pass the message as INFO




#Define SyslogHandler


handler = logging.handlers.SysLogHandler(address = ('X.X.X.X',514))


#X.X.X.X =IP Address of the Syslog Collector(Connector Appliance,Loggers  etc.)

#514 = Syslog port , You need to specify the port which you have defined ,by default it is 514 for Syslog)




#Example: We will pass values from a List


List1 = ['Manchester','Chelsea','Arsenal']


for row in List1:"I was in " +List1[0])

#We can utilize this method to when we have a CSV to send as Syslog.

#Step 1:     Import the CSV

#Step 2:     Iterate through the CSV row wise

#Step 3:     Send the whole row as syslog