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HP_Protect_2009_Presentations.zip - 65 MB / 64 Presentations


CSN1 - Been There, Done That. And Now That I Know, I Would...- Don Murdoch.pdf

CSN10 - Policing the Police - Brett Kilroe.pdf

CSN11 - Innovators Panel Identity and Fraud Monitoring - Glen Sharlun.pdf

CSN12 - Building a SOC Maximizing the Value of a SIEM Implementation - Matt Shelton Jim Pasquale.pdf

CSN13 - Metrics Matter Using ArcSight ESM to Bridge Business and Security Operations - Isaac Kohn.pdf

CSN14 - Innovators Panel Critical Infrastructure - Reed Henry.pdf

CSN15 - Innovators Panel Security in the Cloud - Nils Puhlmann.pdf

CSN17 - Security Incident Handling Benefits from ArcSight - Marc Seiffert.pdf

CSN18 - Using Metrics to Build Cross-Departmental Partnerships - TIAA CREF.pdf

CSN19 - Justifying and Proving ROI - Brett D. Arion.pdf

CSN2 - ArcSight Reports No More Coffee Breaks for the Analyst - Thomas D. Cajohn.pdf

CSN21 - Intrusion Incident Response Lessons Learned - Jim Jaeger.pdf

CSN22 - SIEM Evolution A Day in the Life of a Security Architect - Stijn Vande Casteele.pdf

CSN23 - Next-Generation Fraud Monitoring - Colby DeRodeff Carl Froggett Raju Gottumukkala.pdf

CSN3 - Using Regular Expressions in Rules - Pete Babcock.pdf

CSN5 - Achieving PCI DSS Compliance for Mainframe Applications - Florian Leibenzeder.pdf

CSN7 - Using ArcSight to Manage Compliance Expectations - Rich Worth.pdf

CSN8 - Turning ArcSight into a Critical Business Application - Paul Baartz Lisa Huff.pdf

CSN9 - Was that Network Change Approved - Ben Spader.pdf

SN01 - ArcSight Express for the Mid-Market - Dhiraj Sharan.pdf

SN06 Primer - Get With the Event Flow ArcSight Data Monitors - Brock Pearson.pdf

SN07 Primer - Got Reports The ABCs - Mauricio Julian.pdf

SN08 Primer - Writing Rules Not Meant to be Broken - Javier Inclan.pdf

SN09 Primer - Using Variable$ - Javier Inclan.pdf

SN10 Primer - SELECT Query FROM Viewer WHERE ArcSight - Brock Pearson.pdf

SN11 - ArcSight Logger - Alan Bavosa Wei Huang.pdf

SN12 - How to Become a Rock Star ArcSight Manager Administrator - Alan Bavosa.pdf

SN14 - Scaling ArcSight Deployments The Whole Family is Invited - Hector Aguilar Christian Bedgeen Marylou Orayani.pdf

SN15 - Next Generation Windows Unified SmartConnector - Rusha Mistri.pdf

SN16 - Deep Dive into ArcSight ESM Rules - Rob Block.pdf

SN17 - Best Practices in Using and Understanding Trends - David Wiser.pdf

SN18 - Shedding Light on Side Tables - Stefan Zier.pdf

SN19 - Deep Dive into Windows Auditing - Till J„ger Fabian Libeau.pdf

SN20 - SOC for Sale - Chris Triolo.pdf

SN21 - How it Works Assets, Zones, Networks and Customers - Fabian Libeau.pdf

SN22 - Content Exchange in ESM - Gabriel Coelho-Kostolny.pdf

SN23 - From Water to Wine (Use Cases to Content) - Terry Bishop Lisa Huff.pdf

SN24 - Best Practices for Content Development in ESM - Ryan Thomas.pdf

SN27 - Understanding Partition Management in ESM - Dhiraj Sharan.pdf

SN28 - The All New Windows 2008 Event Log - Doron A. Keller.pdf

SN29 - Best Practices for Scaling Log Management - John Bradshaw.pdf

SN30 - Correlating Efficiently Tips, Techniques and Troubleshooting for Writing Content - Monica Jain.pdf

SN31 - Advanced ArcSight Logger Techniques - Marylou Orayani.pdf

SN32 - Building Operations Synergy with ESM Console Integration - Dhiraj Sharan.pdf

SN33 - Activity Profiler Monitoring and Profiling User Activity for Role Modeling and Security - Suranjan Pramanik.pdf

SN34 - Top 10 Ways to Ensure Your SOC Fails - David Mackey.pdf

SN35 - Tiered Architectures - Brook Watson,.pdf

SN36 - Fundamentals of Logger Reporting - Shivdev Kalambi.pdf

SN37 - Monitoring Multiple Regulations - Ansh Patnaik.pdf

SN38 - Troubleshooting Connectors Traditional Way and the Connector Appliance Way - Dilraba Ibrahim Hector Aguilar.pdf

SN39 - ArcSight TRM Integration with ESM and Logger - Roopak Patel Dhaval Shah.pdf

SN40 - Jump Start with Use Cases - Philip Qian.pdf

SN41 - Introducing Query Viewers - Philip Qian.pdf

SN42 - ArcSight, Monitor Thyself - Ken Mermoud.pdf

SN49 - ArcSight Logger Addressing Cyberspace Policy Review for Government - Varun Kohli.pdf

SN53 - Has Your SOC Hit Puberty - Nick Essner.pdf

SN57 - Physical and Logical Security - Colby DeRodeff.pdf

SN59 - Tips and Tricks in ESM - Raju Gottumukkala.pdf

SN62 - Network Modeling Best Practices - Al Veach.pdf

SN64 - DIY (Do it Yourself) or Outsource - Todd Parker.pdf

SN66 - The ArcSight Compliance Tool Kit - Morris Hicks.pdf

SN67 - Monitoring Applications without Application Development - Brian John Wolff Jon Inns.pdf

SN68 - Make Your SmartConnectors Smarter with CEF - Morgan DeRodeff Aaron Kramer.pdf

SN72 - Risk Monitoring in Real-Time - Marc Blackmer.pdf


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