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HP_Protect_2010_Presentations.zip - 125 MB / 90 Presentations


ArcSight Documentation - Customer Planning Checklist Template.pdf

ArcSight Documentation - Engagement Risk Matrix.pdf

ArcSight Documentation - Hardware Recommendations for a Successful SIEM Deployment.pdf

ArcSight Documentation - Recommendations for a Successful SIEM Deployment.pdf

CSN01 - The "Who" in User Activity Monitoring in SIEM - Chuck Moran Ryan Kalember.pdf

CSN02 - Threat Response Triage System - Mark Runals.pdf

CSN03 - Synergizing New Threats with ArcSight ESM - Northrop Grumman.pdf

CSN04 - Bots Malware Detection by Leveraging Open Source Resources - Chuck Moran.pdf

CSN05 - How to Write Anything to CEF (Easy Integration with ArcSight) - Eric Parker.pdf

CSN06 - Using Reporting to Optimize IT Security - Amir Alsbih.pdf

CSN08 - Realizing End-to-End Encryption in the Payments Industry - Steven M. Elefant.pdf

CSN12 - Achieving PCI Compliance Without Modifying Your Applications - Florian Leibenzeder.pdf

CSN13 - Mozilla's Use of CEF in their Web Applications - Christopher Lyon.pdf

CSN15 - Using ArcSight ESM for Malicious Domain Detection - Chris Watley.pdf

CSN17 - The Evolution of Malware Detection - Dereck L. Haye.pdf

CSN18 - Measuring Security Using ArcSight Solutions - Dori Fisher.pdf

CSN19 - Building Your Baseline Rule Development FILE#1 - Nathan Shanks.pdf

CSN19 - Building Your Baseline Rule Development FILE#2 - Nathan Shanks.pdf

CSN20 - Death by Acronym How to Survive HIPAA, HITECH, and FTC Red Flag Rules with ArcSight - Paul Melson.pdf

CSN22 - Vulnerability Management with ArcSight ESM - Larry Wichman.pdf

CSN23 - Context is King! - Pete Babcock.pdf

CSN24 - Driving Content Creation with Use Case Forms - Cindy Jones.pdf

CSN25 - Realizing the Value Add Operationalize Your ArcSight ESM Deployment - Fernando Patzan.pptx

CSN27 - Automated ArcSight ESM Content Replication - Aaron Wilson.pdf

CSN28 - Research to Detection Developing Content to Counter APT-Class Threats - Michael Cloppert.pdf

CSN29 - Implementing ArcSight Logger for Sustainable PCI DSS 1.2 Compliance - Michael Hoehl.pdf

CSN30 - Security Operations that Cross International Boundaries - ING.pdf

CSN31 - Ensuring Inactive IDs Stay Inactive - Azzam Zahir.pdf

CSN32 - Achieving Continuous Compliance of Privileged Identities in Challenging Environments - Philip Lieberman.pdf

CSN34 - Integrating ArcSight ESM with Network Access Control to Help Manage 100,000+ Endpoints - Daniel Conroy.pdf

PROTECT247 - Correlation in Logger Create a Report with Session Information.pdf

PROTECT247 - Counting Large Numbers Over Time The Power of the Top Value Count Data Monitor.pdf

PROTECT247 - How can Overlapping Session Lists Help with Correlation.pdf

PROTECT247 - How to preserve values from the same field from multiple events in a join rule correlation event.pdf

PROTECT247 - How to store a moving average in an active list using trend actions and overlapping queries.pdf

PROTECT247 - How to use conditional evaluations to create a pivot report.pdf

PROTECT247 - Microsoft Windows Event Log - Unified SmartConnector Enhancements.pdf

SN01 Primer - Auditing Oracle Database Activity - Tom D'Aquino.pdf

SN02 Primer - Auditing Microsoft SQL Database Activity - Tom D'Aquino.pdf

SN03 Primer - Got Reports The ABCs - Mauricio Julian.pdf

SN04 Primer - Got Reports Beyond the Basics - Mauricio Julian.pdf

SN05 Primer - Auditing Network and Firewall Activity - Tom D'Aquino.pdf

SN06 Primer - Got FIPS - Normand Bourgeois.pdf

SN07 Primer - Using Variable$ - Javier Inclan.pdf

SN08 Primer - Writing Rules Not Meant to be Broken - Javier Inclan.pdf

SN09 - From Water to Wine (or Use Cases to Content) - Lisa Huff and Terry Bishop.pdf

SN10 - Tips and Tricks in Rules & Dynamic Mapping in Connectors - Raju Gottumukkala.pdf

SN11 - Correlating Efficiently Tips, Techniques and Troubleshooting for Writing Content - Monica Jain.pdf

SN12 - Monitoring Applications without Application Development - Brian John Wolff.pdf

SN13 - Best Practices for Scaling Log Management - John Bradshaw.pdf

SN14 - Network Modeling Best Practices - Al Veach.pdf

SN17 - ArcSight Architectures - Brook Watson.pdf

SN18 - Mastering ArcSight Platform Security - Yanlin Wang.pdf

SN21 - How it Works Assets, Zones, Networks and Customers - Fabian Libeau.pdf

SN23 - Advanced ArcSight Logger Techniques - Marylou Orayani.pdf

SN24 - Jump Start with Use Cases - Philip Qian.pdf

SN25 - Best Practices for Using and Understanding Trends - David Wiser.pdf

SN28 - ArcSight FlexConnector Development Methodology - Mark Johnston.pdf

SN30 - Use Cases for Automating Integration with ArcSight ESM and Remedy - Scott Parkinson.pdf

SN31 - Inside an ArcSight Connector The Journey of a Security Event - Girish Mantry.pdf

SN36 - Cybercrime Investigator Forensic Use of ArcSight ESM Integration Commands - Paul Bowen and Gary Freeman.pdf

SN36 - Cybercrime Investigator Forensic Use of ArcSight ESM Integration Commands - Paul Bowen and Gary Freeman.zip

SN39 - The Last 1000 Engagements Lessons from the Field - Ricky Allen.pdf

SN41 - Moving Enterprise Security Monitoring to the Next Stage - Paul Brettle.pdf

SN42 - Investigating Financial Application Modeling Techniques in ArcSight ESM - Paul Brettle.pdf

SN47 - Windows Unified Connector Planning, Implementation and Troubleshooting - Brook Watson Lisa Huff.pdf

SN48 - Let ArcSight Logger Leverage your Logs - Aaron Kramer.pdf

SN50 - APT Episode 1 Rise of the Bots - Duc Ha Hrishikesh"Rishi" Divate.pdf

SN51 - Got Patterns Creative Uses of Pattern Discovery - Suranjan Pramanik Hrishikesh "Rishi" Divate.pdf

SN52 - All About Actors - Anurag Singla.pdf

SN53 - Using ArcSight Express to Analyze Flow Events - Steve Maxwell Gary Freeman.pdf

SN54 - ArcSight ESM 5.0 Image Dashboards - Gary Freeman.pdf

SN54 - ArcSight ESM 5.0 Image Dashboards How To - Gary Freeman .pdf

SN54 - ArcSight ESM 5.0 Image Dashboards Template - Gary Freeman.ppt

SN58 - ArcSight, Monitor Thyself - Ken Mermoud Rashaad Steward.pdf

SN59 - Optimizing ArcSight Express - Jim Rutherford.pdf

SN62 - Gain Rock Star Status as an ArcSight ESM Manager Administrator - Dhiraj Sharan Gagan Taneja.pdf

SN64 - Dynamic Multidimensional Schemas with ArcSight ESM 5.0 - Dhiraj Sharan.pdf

SN65 - ArcSight ESM Tools and Integration with ArcSight Logger and ArcSight TRM - Ken Mermoud Dhaval Shah.pdf

SN66 - APIs, SDK and Service-Oriented Architecture in ArcSight ESM - Yanlin Wang.pdf

SN66 - APIs, SDK and Service-Oriented Architecture in ArcSight ESM ESM Service Layer Example - Yanlin Wang.zip

SN67 - ArcSight Logger All You Can Feed! - Alan Bavosa Wei Huang.pdf

SN68 - Maximize Connector Deployment with the ArcSight Connector Appliance - Dilraba Ibrahim.pdf

SN71 - ESM Database Performance from the Bottom-Up - Kerry Adkins.pdf

SN71 - ESM Database Performance from the Bottom-Up Getexplaindata - Kerry Adkins .zip

SN73 - Preparing for Your ArcSight ESM Upgrade - Maritza Perez Morris Hicks.pdf

Turbo Talk - Advanced Logger Searching with the Rex Pipeline Operator - Matt Larsen.pdf

Turbo Talk - ArcSight ESM v5.0 Overview - Maritza Perez.pdf

Turbo Talk - ArcSight ESM v5.0 Upgrade at a Glance - Dhiraj Sharan.pdf

Turbo Talk - Best Practices for Scheduling Trends and Report Jobs - KaveriAswadhati.pdf

Turbo Talk - Forwarding Correlated Events - Yanlin Wang.pdf

Turbo Talk - How to customize your console - Parvati Ashok.pdf

Turbo Talk - iDefense Integration - Aravind Mudunuri.pdf

Turbo Talk - IP Flow Connector - RaghuRam Pamidimarri.pdf

Turbo Talk - Shedding Light on Side Tables - Gagan Taneja.pdf

Turbo Talk - Tile View of Last State Datamonitor - Aravind Mudunuri.pdf

Turbo Talk - Understanding Partition Management in ESM - Kerry Adkins.pdf


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