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CSN01 - Enhancing Your ArcSight ESM Implementation Using Open Source Security Tools - Chris Botelho.pdf

CSN06 - Standing up a SOC from Scratch Tips and Tricks - Shogo Cottrell.pdf

CSN08 - You Can't Correlate What You Don't Have - Scott Carlson Rick Yetter.pdf

CSN09 - Using ArcSight to Test and Train Your SOC Watch Standers - Dean Farrington.pdf


CSN11 - Where are My Logs - ViniciusEngel.pdf

CSN12 - Achieving PCI Compliance Without Modifying Your Applications - Florian Leibenzeder.pdf

CSN14 - Critical Success Factors for Successful ArcSight ESM Deployments - Michael Wimpy.pdf

CSN15 - Using Whitelist Security with ArcSight ESM to Prevent Targeted Attacks and APTs - Tracy Herriotts Harry Sverdlove.pdf

CSN16 - ArcSight ESM Performance Tuning with RHEL - Joe Burke.pdf

CSN17 - New Age Risks in Banking Beat the Fraud - Vinod Vasudevan.pdf

CSN18 - Into The World of Proprietary Networks and Cryptic Devices - Milos Petrovic Kevin Lackey.pdf

CSN19 - SOC 2.0 Trends, Tips and Tricks - Custodian Network security.pdf

CSN20 - Facing Cyberintelligence Overload Avoid meltdown with a cyberintelligence clearinghouse - Don Franke & Pete babcock.pdf

CSN21 - Real-Time Threat Management through Risk Intelligence Infrastructure - Bill Kobel Mark Masone.pdf

CSN22 - Soccer or Football ArcSight ESM or ArcSight Logger - Hakan Onal.pdf

CSN23 - Plug and Play the ArcSight Way A BPO Viewpoint - Tarang Parikh.pdf

CSN24 - Managing Global CyberSecurityThreats Insights from Japan - Naoshi Matsushita.pdf

CSN25 - SAP Fraud and Business Risk Management with ArcSight Technology - Glenn Holland.pdf

CSN26 - Mastering Messages and Documents Classification Monitoring with ArcSight ESM - Bogdan-Mihai Zamfir.pdf

CSN27 - Automated GRC Policy to Proactively Counter Cyberthreats - Daniel Conroy.pdf

CSN29 - Application Log Monitoring for Today's Threat Landscape - Michael Malarkey.pdf

CSN30 - Empowering PHI and PII Risk Monitoring with ArcSight ESM and ArcSight IdentityView - Milos Petrovic.pdf

CSN31 - Writing Threat Intelligence Content for Today's Threats - John DiFederico.pdf

CSN32 - Are You a Smart Connector - Mark Ulmer.pdf

CSN33 - ArcSight ESM Reports It Pays to Know Your Audience - Heike Herpich Scott Parkinson.pdf

CSN35 - Emerging Trends Mobile Information Security with ArcSight - Kurt Spear.pdf

CSN36 - ArcSight Solutions for the Federal Sector Trends, Challenges and Approaches - Mark Masone.pdf

CSN38 - Tracking Privileged User Access within an ArcSight Logger and SIEM Environment - Philip Lieberman.pdf

CSN39 - Anatomy of a High profile attack Modern lessons for security monitoring - Anton Goncharov Dragos Lungu.pdf

CSN40 - Overcoming Performance HurdlesHow to Build a Multi-Million IOP DataBase - Eric Lippart.pdf

CSN41 - When Anti-Virus Doesn't Cut It Catching Malware with ArcSight ESM - Wyman Stocks.pdf

CSN45 - Sensitive Data Protection with Relatively Simple Correlation - Tom McMahon.pdf

CSN48 - ArcSight ESM as a Platform for InternalExternal Security Intelligence Integration - Joe Magee.pdf

CSN49 - Tackling Security, Privacy and Compliance in the Healthcare Sector - Paul Melson Ryan Kalember.pdf


CSN52 - Realizing the Value-Add Operationalize Your ArcSight ESM Deployment - Fernando Patzan.pdf

CSN53 - Securing Your Journey into the Cloud and Beyond - Partha Panda.pdf

CSN54 - Event Flow Monitoring A Working Enterprise Model - Jeff Van Hammond.pdf

CSN55 - Leveraging SIEM for Your Cloud Applications - Ricky Allen.pdf

SN01 - From Water to Wine (or Use Cases to Content) - Lisa Huff Ray Cotton.pdf

SN02 - Tips and Tricks for ArcSight ESM - Raju Gottumukkala.pdf

SN03 - Correlating Efficiently Tips, Techniques and Troubleshooting - Monica Jain.pdf

SN04 - Scaling Log Management Best Practices - John Stoner.pdf

SN05 - Best Practices in Using and understanding trends - David Wiser.pdf

SN06 - Network Modeling Best practices - Al Veach.pdf

SN07 - Windows Unified Connector Planning, Implementation and troubleshooting - Paris Cote Brook Watson.pdf

SN09 - How it works Assets Zones Networks and Customers - Fabian Libeau.pdf

SN10 - Advanced ArcSight Logger Techniques - Marylou Orayani Alexei Suvorov.pdf

SN107 - Connector-to-Connector Communication The new encrypted Transports - Raghuram Pamidimarri .pdf

SN11 - ESM Database Performance from Bottom Up - Kerry Adkins.pdf

SN111 - The New Face of ArcSight Express v3.0 - Maritza Perez.pdf

SN113 - Primer Auditing Oracle Database Activity - Jonathan Katz.pdf

SN114 - Primer Auditing Microsoft SQL Database Activity - Jonathan Katz.pdf

SN115 - Primer Got reports the ABCs - Normand Bourgeois.pdf

SN116 - Primer Got reports beyond the basics - Normand Bourgeois.pdf

SN117 - Primer Auditing network and firewall activity - Mauricio Julian.pdf

SN118 - Primer Searching Events with Arcsight logger 5 - Mauricio Julian.pdf

SN119 - Primer Using Variables - Javier Inclan.pdf

SN12 - Arcsight, Monitor Thyself - Ken Mermoud Rashaad Steward.pdf

SN120 - Primer writing rules not meant to be broken - Javier Inclan.pdf

SN124 - its 2011 is your environment secure - John W Pirc.pdf

SN125 - OnRamp to Cloud Security HP tippingspoints secure virtualization framework - David de Valk.pdf

SN126 - Social Networking and the enterprise Risk vs. reward - John W. Pirc.pdf

SN128 - Security Policy Automation - James Collinge.pdf

SN129 - Security Analytics - S. Raj Rajagopalan.pdf

SN13 - Dynamic Event Schemas in ArcSight ESM - Dhiraj Sharan.pdf

SN130 - Seven Keys to Surviving the Modern Threat Landscape - William Gragido.pdf

SN131 - HP DVLabs security Intelligence research and Services - Patrick Hill.pdf

SN132 - IT Security is NOT SCADA security - Garett Montgomery.pdf

SN133 - Effective Remediation of Application Vulnerabilities - Rob Roy.pdf

SN134 - Repelling the Wily Insider - Matias Madou.pdf

SN135 - The Bugs that Bad Guys Bank On - Pravir Chandra.pdf

SN136 - Security at the Application Layer - Pravir Chandra.pdf

SN137 - Software Security Delivered in the Cloud - Taylor Mckinley.pdf

SN138 - HP Network Security The World Has Changed Have you - Michael Callahan.pdf

SN140 - The HP SIRM Ecosystem Putting it all together - Prescott Winter Bruce Burroughs Aaron Wilson.pdf

SN141 - Addressing Social Media Threats and risks to the enterprise - Loke Yeow Wong.pdf

SN17 - Using Baselining to Detect anomalies - Till Jager.pdf

SN18 - ArcSight Architecture Showcase - Brook Watson.pdf

SN19 - Simplify Connector Deployment and maintenance with Connector appliance - Dilraba ibrahim.pdf

SN23 - Leveraging Smartconnectors in Arcsight and HP OM,OMi,NNMi Integration - Susan Li.pdf

SN24 - Security KPI's based on ITIL and CoBIT - Fabian Libeau.pdf

SN25 - When SIEM Goes Right - Paul Brettle.pdf

SN28 - All About Actors - Anurag Singla.pdf

SN30 - Juice Up Your Logs event enrichment via connector framework - Chadd Milton.pdf

SN33 - Catch me if you can - Duc Ha Raju Gottumukkala.pdf

SN37 - ArcSight Logger Under the Covers Exposing the API - Aaron Kramer.pdf

SN37 - ArcSight Logger Under the Covers Exposing the API DEMO - Aaron Kramer.zip

SN39 - ArcSight Logger and IT Operations best practices and use cases - Roopak Patel.pdf

SN40 - Advanced Persistent Threat Intelligence - ArcSight Global Services - Bruce Oehler Jared McQueen.pdf

SN41 - Data Privacy Breaches - Kerry Matre Emilio Santiago.pdf

SN42 - Unversal Log Management - Morris Hicks.pdf

SN45 - Automating Threat Integration - Marc Blackmer.pdf

SN47 - Now is the Time - Application Level MOnitoring - Justin Harvey.pdf

SN48 - API, SDK and Service-Oriented Architecture in ArcSight ESM - Yanlin Wang Daniel Liu.pdf

SN49 - CoRR Engine Architecture Overview - Wei Huang.pdf

SN51 - Next-generation Fraud Detection - Ryan Kalember.pdf

SN53 - Maximizing ArcSight Default Content - Shawn Munoz.pdf

SN55 - Baseline requirements what you should be doing with your SIEM - Justin Harvey.pdf

SN59 - Protect 724 Community expert solutions at your fingertips - Trisha Liu.pdf

SN70 - Using ArcSight Express to analyze Flow events - Gary Freeman Steve Maxwell.pdf

SN71 - Investigating Financial Application Modeling Techniques in Arcsight ESM - Damian Skeeles.pdf

SN72 - A tour of Ops Advanced Customer Use Cases - Emilio Santiago.pdf

SN73 - Security Maturity - Measuring the effectiveness of yoru SOC - Nick Essner.pdf

SN74 - CyberCrime Investigator Forensic use of Arcsight ESM - Gary Freeman Paul Bowen.pdf

SN79 - Top 10 ways to optimize your SIEM - Greg Martin.pdf

SN80 - Advanced user activity Monitoring with ArcSight Identityview - Ryan Thomas.pdf

SN81 - FISMA 5.0 Meeting continous monitoring requirements with Arcsight ESM - Duc Ha Ryan Thomas.pdf

SN85 - Running ArcSight ESM Manager at Full Throttle - Gagan Taneja.pdf

SN97 - Deep Dive into ArcSight ESM Performance Troubleshooting - Alex Gluzman Medha Rangnekar.pdf

ST01 - SOC For Sale - Jesse Emerson.pdf

ST02 - Security Operations For the Federal Set - Bruce Oehler.pdf

ST03 - Has Your SOC Hit puberty - Nick Essner.pdf

ST04 - Wiki What - Colin Henderson.pdf

ST05 - it's a Cluster - Colin Henderson.pdf

ST06 - Perimeter Security Intelligence - Morris Hicks.pdf

ST07 - Insider Threat Intelligence - Morris Hicks.pdf

ST08 - Automate or Die Compliance reporting - Morris Hicks.pdf

ST09 - One Size Doesn't Fit All Customized Training - Khalid Shaikh.pdf

ST10 - Architecture Review - Brook Watson.pdf

ST11 - Solution Building by Example - Al Veach.pdf

ST12 - Arcsight ESM Health Check - Harry Halladay.pdf

ST13 - Solution Accelerators - Brook Watson.pdf

ST14 - Data Leakage - Morris Hicks.pdf

TT01 - ArcSight Logger Integratoin with HP OM and OMi - Matt Larsen.pdf

TT02 - Building an Extended vulnerability management system on Arcsight ESM - Duc Ha.pdf

TT03 - ArcSight Logger Search Helper Searching was never this easy - Brad Cleveland.pdf

TT05 - SANS 20 Critical Security Controls with ArcSight CIPs - Ryan Thomas.pdf

TT06 - Scaling ArcSight Logger Deployment by Peering - Wenting Tang.pdf

TT07 - Understanding ArcSight Logger Appliance System Events - Wenting Tang.pdf

TT11 - ArcSight Web 2.0 The Next Generation SIEM Management Console - Ed Chen.pdf

TT14 - ArcSight Logger Searching with the Rex Pipeline Operator - Matt Larsen.pdf

TT15 - Monitoring Smart Meters using domains - Aravind Mudunuri.pdf

TT17 - Improved ArcSight Connector Appliance Administration Interface - Brad Cleveland.pdf

TT19 - How Do You Customize Cases - Parvati Ashok.pdf

TT21 - Securing Your ArcSight Deployment - Yanlin Wang.pdf

TT22 - ArcSight ESM with Oracle 11g Database - Swarna Dandapani.pdf

TT23 - Authoring and sharing of ArcSight Flexconnectors made easy - Sarwat Aleemjee.pdf

TT24 - Introducing the Logger Web Services API - Shivdev Kalambi.pdf

TT25 - Exploiting Variables to Build Powerful ArcSight ESM Content - Rob Block.pdf

TT26 - Arcsight Smartconnectors parser versioning - Rusha Mistri.pdf

TT27 - Make Effective Use of the ArcSight Knowledge Base - Krandeep Kaur.pdf

TT28 - Best Practices and Efficiency Tips for ArcSight Rules - Rob Block.pdf

TT29 - Application of Global Variables in Pattern Discovery - Zhipeng Zhao.pdf

TT30 - Parser Versioning Simplifies Monitoring Microsoft Windows Audit logs - Morgan DeRodeff.pdf

TT32 - ArcSight Smartconnectors for database Deep dive - Antonio Bonuccelli.pdf

TT33 - All About Arcsight ESM upgrades - Archana Bharathidasan.pdf

TT34 - Arcsight vs. KITT, CEF to TALK to my Car - Morgan DeRodeff.pdf

TT35 - Syslog Connector under the hood - Melissa Volokitin.pdf


TT36 - DNS A Command Control or Infiltration of information - Matthew Hollingsworth.pdf

TT37 - Arcsight CORR-Engine Where did everything go - David Wiser.pdf

TT38 - Shedding light on side tables - Gagan Taneja.pdf

TT40 - Running an event application on the arcsight platform - Shrikanth Ramaswamy.pdf

TT41 - Arcsight logger reporting enhancements using SQL - Prentice Hayes.pdf


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