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1203Detecting Active attacks - Javier Inclan.pdf

5G SOC Inside the worlds most advanced SOCs Colin Henderson.pdf

Actionable threat intelligence - unkown.pdf

Advanced content management for hierarchical ArcSight Deployments - Paul Brettle.pdf

Advanced correlation scenarios - Javier Inclan Gary Whitsett.pdf

An introduction to Logger and ESM Web Services APIs - Shivdev Kalambi.pdf

Arcsight Connector Name Resolver 101 - Mike Weston.pdf

Arcsight Risk insight - Deep dive - Michael Weintraub.pdf

ArcSight SIEM and data privacy best practices - Frank Lange.pdf

Arcsight Threat Response Manager (TRM) - virtual appliance - Lee-Lan Yip Victor Tham.pdf

Are you a smartconnector - Mark Ulmer.pdf

Automated CYber Threat Intelligence Sharing - Richard Struse.pdf

Beyond the ESM administrators Guide - Nathan Tisdale.pdf

Big Data - myths and truths - Roopak Patel.pdf

Breached! Now what - Roberto Sandoval.pdf

CISO in the Boardroom Leveraging SIEM to support a risk management transformation - Isaac kohn.pdf

Collection of forwarded windows events - Ashish Garg.pdf

Combatting advanced persistent threats from nation states - Justin Harvey.pdf

Connect to your clouod - nanjoo ban susan li.pdf

Connector appliance troubleshooting overview and use cases - Dipali Shah Neela Jorapur.pdf

Correlating advanced threat information feeds - suranjan Pramanik.pdf

Correlating efficiently - Anurag Singla.pdf

Countering the Insider Threat Behavioral Analytics Security Intelligence Cell (BASIC) - Jesse Hughes Tammy Torbert.pdf

Creating custom threat reporting with HP Arcsight - Eric Itangata Taras Kachouba.pdf

Creating efficient cross-device HP ESM content utilizing events categorization - Till Jaeger Alexei Suvorov.pdf

DNS data exfiltration - Pete Babcock.pdf

Enriching event data with the external mapper - Eugenio Marrero Tammy Torbert.pdf

Event super highway from CORR to Hadoop - Hong Yan.pdf

Extraction and long-term storage of HP Arcsight ESM connector statistics - jeff holland.pdf

Feed your SmartConnector - Mark Ulmer.pdf

Financial fraud detection and prevention with HP Arcsight - Erdem Alasehir.pdf

Flexconnector Deep Dive and best practices - Sunny Suen.pdf

Fraud detection using risk scoring in HP Arcsight ESM - Damian Skeeles.pdf

From ESM to HPSM and Back.pdf

Getting the most from your McAfee ePo data.pdf

Going glocal - Brian D. Freedman.pdf

Got reports - Norm Bourgeois.pdf

Growing a mature team tips for successful security analyst recruitment assessment and retention - Curley Henry.pdf

how Arcsight could have saved the day - Vinicius engel.pdf

How Mature is your SOC - Roberto Sandoval.pdf

How to stop using a USB stick for content distribution - Aparna Varanasi Artem Koltsov.pdf

HP ArcSight Connector Health Check.pdf

HP Arcsight Customer Panel - Leadership team.pdf

HP Arcsight Data visualization for COP solutions - Bruce Oehler Ed willhide.pdf

HP Arcsight ESM Health Check - Tracy Barella.pdf

HP EnterpriseView content its not magic at all - Ronen Meiri.pdf

HPs vision, strategy and best practices for private public and cloud brokering in US federal IT environtments - Henry Fleischmann.pdf

Identityview 2.5 bigger and better at fighting the insider threats - Yun Peng.pdf

Improving incident response through effective testing - Clarke Cummings.pdf

Incident response putting your tools to work - Clarke Cummings.pdf

Information context for SIEM - Eliav Levi.pdf

Introducing HP Arcsight Risk Insight - Omer Felder.pdf

Mind the gap automating security incident response with HP Arcsight and Encase Cybersecurity - Anthony di bello.pdf

Monitor Windows environments with the windows monitoring package - Till Jaeger.pdf

Moving from Monitoring to understanding Using HP HAVEn to bring security analytics to life for incident response - Ryan LaSalle Patrick Joyce.pdf

Non-standard use cases for SIEM technology - Matthew Schnarr.pdf

Perfsight Automating performance testing of ESM.pdf

Plug it in - dmitry Udalov.pdf

Pulling the triggers when to take action to ensure effective kill-chan rules - Gary Whitsett.pdf

Quick solutions for the HP Arcsight Logger API - Aaron Kramer.pdf

Real world ESM case studies what you can learn from common mistakes - Carl Zhou.pdf

Reducing compliance cost with HP ESM and EnterpriseView - Tal Cohen.pdf

RepSM 1.5 Cornering threats with scenarios.pdf

Security operations for the federal set - David Beabout.pdf

Setting traps for malicious outsiders and APTs on your network.pdf

SIEM 101 -Keith Stover.pdf

SIEM Insight from former cyber-threat FBI and U.S. secret service agents - Charles White Michael S Morris.pdf

SIOC first hand - panel.pdf

Social Network Monitoring - Andrew Maloney.pdf

Solution Building by example - John Petropoulos.pdf

Statistical anomaly detection with ESM correlation - Anurag Singgla.pdf

Success and failure lessons learned from SOC builds and SIEM implementation - kerry matre.pdf

Syslog connector performance tuning - Girish mantry Moehadi Liang (2).pdf

Syslog Connector performance tuning - Girish Mantry Moehadi Liang.pdf

The age of continous monitoring - Mary Ann Mezzapelle.pdf

The undiscovered country - Aaron Kramer.pdf

Three easy ways to enhance security monitoring - Vijay Gupta.pdf

Tips and best practices for Arcsight Logger deployment - Nicholas Lim.pdf

Tips and tricks for enriching your security events - Girish Mantry Farid merchant.pdf

Tips for effective ESM Arcsight rules - Anurag Singla.pdf

Tools and tips for administer HP Arcsight CORR-based SIEM (ESMGC) - Samirr Bennacer.pdf

Top Use cases for a universal log management solution - Suresh Venkataraman Vivek Vallachira.pdf

Trends in Security Analytics - Greg Wolfford.pdf

Use cases - water to wine google maps intergration - Ray Cotten.pdf

Using baselining to detect anomalies - Till Jeager.pdf

Using HP Arcsight to protect your brand and social media - Paul MacGyver Carman.pdf

Utilizing Arcsight Connectors in the cloud - Damian Skeeles.pdf

Why Gekks can  do Risk management and management can do much better - Joe Bonnell.pdf

Winning through the automated sharing of threat information - Tomas Sander Anurag Singla.pdf

Workflow with Arcsight ESSM - Brian McNelly.pdf

XML flex lessons from the trenches - eugenio Marrero Tammy Torbert.pdf

You did what with HP Arcsight ESM - Kris Machnicki.pdf


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