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HP_Protect_2014_Presentations.zip - 330 MB / 150 Presentations / 18 demos excluded


BB3003 - How HP Fortify enables continuous monitoring - Jonathan Griggs Matthew Fisher.pdf

BB3054 - Converged security - Gerben Verstraete Colin Henderson,.pdf

BB3101 - The Next Big Thing A Case Study in Utilizing End-user Real-Time Analytics Tools in the SOC - Mostafa Soliman Colin Henderson.pdf

BB3142 - Operational Key Management - Steven Wierenga Joseph Brand Charles White.pdf

BB3157 - The Enterprise Is The Internet - Joe Bonnell Joe Crump.pdf

BB3168 - 7 Security Gaps in the Neglected 90 percent of Your Applications - Joshua Corman.pdf

BB3173 - Threat modeling Kill chains, diamond models, and the 50-yard line - Angela Gunn.pdf

BB3260 - State of Security Operations - Roberto Sandoval.pdf

BB3269 - Analysts assemble! - Nick Magallanes.pdf

BB3270 - How to build a successful SOC - Marcel Hoffmann.pdf

BB3301 - Application visibility and control with NGFW - Julian Palmer Mike Kunz.pdf

BB3355 - Software Security Program (SSP) - Ajoy Kumar.pdf

BB3594 - Guarding against insider threats - Adnan Amjad Keith Brogan.pdf

BB3599 - How to Stop Attackers from Scoring a Grand Slam - Bob Corson.pdf

BB3601 - Help! I'm Drowning in Alerts! - Guidance software.pdf

BB3602 - From data to decisions the future of security - JOHN VECCHI.pdf

BB3646 - Application Security A Federal Perspective - CSC.pdf

BGL3618 - Hacking point-of-sale systems - bad guys lair.pdf

BGL3620 - The Internet of (insecure) Things - HP Bad Guy Lair staff.pdf

BGL3621 - Top 10 ways attackers target your mobile apps - Bad guys lair.pdf

BGL3622 - Trend Micro Deep Discovery and HP Tipping Point - David Girard.pdf

BGL3624 - ESM Customizable Operations Workflow - protiviti.pdf

BOF3554 - Introduction to HP ArcSight ESM Web Services APIs - Shivdev Kalambi.pdf

FED3397 - Welcome, Anticipating what's next in cybersecurity What will we be discussing next year - Rob Roy Tony Sager.pdf

FED3400 - Lunch Keynote - Sal Giunta.pdf

PN2963 - Lawyers Regs and Money When the Breach Hits the Fan - Stewart Baker.pdf

PN3002 - Dynamically controllable dynamic scanning - Jonathan Griggs Brandon Spruth Brooks Garrett Jeremy Brooks.pdf

PN3072 - Software Security at Scale - Bruce Jenkins.pdf

PN3265 - ArcSight customer panel - Jeff Whalen.pdf

PN3268 - Beyond real time Finding advanced threats with advanced analytics - Jesse Emerson.pdf

PN3315 - Security education for the new generation A panel discussion on developing the talent pipeline - Jacob West.pdf

PN3578 - Automating Malware Beaconing Case Management in a Large Enterprise - Joe Zacharias.pdf

TB2978 - REST access to ESM Web Services - Dmitry Udalov.pdf

TB2989 - Open stack Clouds Security risks and opportunities - Jan De Clercq.pdf

TB2990 - HP ArcSight SIEM and data privacy best practices - Jeff Northrop Frank Lange.pdf

TB2998 - TokenScope Finding meaning in opaque tokens Daniel Miessler.pdf

TB3000 - Using Big Data Analytics to Thwart Cyber Threats - Paul Spencer.pdf

TB3001 - Advanced content management with HP ArcSight ESM 6.5 - Paul Brettle.pdf

TB3005 - Identify patterns by applying heuristic analysis - Ofer Bachner Liu Yang.pdf

TB3009 - Use cases to content - Ray Cotten.pdf

TB3012 - Correlating efficiently - Rob Block.pdf

TB3013 - All about Threat Central - Nadav Cohen Ted Ross.pdf

TB3014 - HP Fortify New features in 4.2 and whats to come - Michael Right.pdf

TB3022 - Enriching and Automating Fraud Response with HP ArcSight ESM - Ron Stamper Josh Larkins.pdf

TB3024 - Let HP manage your Application Security - Ryan English.pdf

TB3028 - Let HP ArcSight ESM be the strong link in your Cyber Kill Chain - Pete Babcock.pdf

TB3033 - FlexConnector deep dive and best practices - Sunny Suen.pdf

TB3044 - Using Windows Event Forwarding with the Windows Unified Connector - Steve Maxwell.pdf

TB3046 - Cloudwatching - Damian Skeeles.pdf

TB3048 - Secrets from the Dark Side Optimizing Security Operations for the Big Data Crush - Josh Goldfarb.pdf

TB3050 - Analyzing and manipulating objects in web browsers - Elvis Collado.pdf

TB3051 - Thinking outside the sandbox Violating trust boundaries in uncommon ways - Brian Gorenc Jasiel Spelman.pdf

TB3057 - Defining, building, and making use cases work - Paul Brettle.pdf

TB3059 - Leading change planning for success ESM migration and upgrade best practices - Archana Bharathidasan Brian Freedman.pdf

TB3069 - HP ArcSight ESM 24 7 - Aparna Varanasi Bill Alexander.pdf

TB3075 - Best practices using ThreatDV in HP TippingPoint security appliances - Alexandre F Moraes.pdf

TB3076 - Presenting the next-generation connector appliance - Beraj Dalal Tanmay Padhi.pdf

TB3080 - Unifying the software security vocabulary A vulnerability taxonomy encompassing static, dynamic, and runtime analysis - Joe Sechman Yekaterina ONeil Prajakta Jagdale.pdf

TB3090 - Embedding Security Ab Initio within the application continuum with HP Fortify - PWC.pdf

TB3091 - Using static analysis to automate detection of inadequate authorization checks in web applications - Yekaterina ONeil Alvaro Mu¤oz.pdf

TB3092 - Security Monitoring for your SAP Landscape Challenge accepted! - Thomas Meindl.pdf

TB3103 - Building a SOC at Toyota - Tomoaki Terazawa.pdf

TB3108 - Making Better Detections Easier - Adam Zollman.pdf

TB3111 - Flight of the flightless bumblebee - Chad Roberts Anthony Morris.pdf

TB3123 - Logger reporting the whole reporting and nothing but the reporting - Johnny Khoury Aaron Kramer.pdf

TB3133 - Best practices and use cases for consistent, enterprise-wide SIEM security policy management - Bhavika Kothari Victor Lee.pdf

TB3135 - Using baselining to detect anomalies - Till Jager.pdf

TB3138 - Protecting the plastic - Ashwin Altekar Michael Farnum.pdf

TB3147 - Wherefore art thou event data - Ray Doty.pdf

TB3150 - I need a connector, fast! - Aaron Kramer Victor Lee.pdf

TB3151 - Introduction to BSIMM Advancing your software security initiative - Bruce C Jenkins.pdf

TB3153 - Improving IR Workflow - Anton Goncharov Larry Wichman.pdf

TB3155 - HP newest security product Whats behind the curtain - Ken Tietjen Rob Putman.pdf

TB3158 - Measuring Success in Application Security Testing Using HP Fortify - Ganesh Devarajan Stirling Goetz.pdf

TB3159 - Measuring Success in Application Security using HP Fortify - Ganesh Devarajan Stirling Goetz.pdf

TB3163 - Are you a smart connector - Mark Ulmer .pdf

TB3165 - Retail malware credit cards for sale - Steve Povolny.pdf

TB3169 - Correlating advanced threat information feeds - Jamie Murdock Suranjan Pramanik.pdf

TB3176 - Securing the cloud HP Atalla Cloud Encryption - Kong-Yew Chan Gilad Parann-Nissany.pdf

TB3177 - Get serious about protecting unstructured data in the enterprise - Chris Griffith Aki Eldar.pdf

TB3178 - Monitoring Privileged Users in a Health Care Environment - Allen Rosenfeld Arthur J. Hedge III.pdf

TB3247 - Big Data in Small Spaces - Mathew Johnston.pdf

TB3248 - Syslog Connector Performance Tuning - Girish Mantry Moehadi Liang.pdf

TB3255 - A look at the latest HP ArcSight ESM - Ken Mermoud.pdf

TB3257 - Keeping your HP ArcSight connectors healthy - Tracy Barella.pdf

TB3258 - SIEM 101 - Keith Stover.pdf

TB3259 - HP ArcSight ESM Health Check - Tracy Barella.pdf

TB3261 - Asset and network modeling in HP ArcSight ESM and Express - Till Jaeger.pdf

TB3262 - Catching malicious insiders through behavioral analytics - Jesse Hughes.pdf

TB3264 - Advanced malware detection through threat intelligence - Javier Inclan.pdf

TB3267 - ArcSight Activate Framework - Petropoulos.pdf

TB3272 - Security analytics From data to action Visual and analytical approaches to detecting modern adversaries - Chris Calvert.pdf

TB3273 - Practical examples of Big Data, security analytics and visualization - Jeff McGee Josh Stevens.pdf

TB3287 - Incident response in a post-prevention world - Dori Fisher Michi Kossowsky.pdf

TB3288 - Leveraging Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Threat Indicator Feeds with Enterprise SIEM SEM to Improve Cyber Security Incident Detection Accuracy - Tom Baltis Jeff Holland.pdf

TB3290 - Unlocking value with ArcSight Logger - Suresh Venkataraman Vivek Vallachira.pdf

TB3292 - Object-Oriented Approach To Incident Detection - Adam Sultan.pdf

TB3295 - Network Modeling A real world example - Don Slife Jarrod Echols.pdf

TB3302 - Leveraging APIs for advanced threat protection - Russ Meyers Bill Horne.pdf

TB3303 - Security intelligence 2.0 Why it matters to you - Joanna Burkey.pdf

TB3304 - Stay ahead of threats with next-generation IPS - Scott Rivers.pdf

TB3305 - Delivering real-time threat protection through SDN - Mauricio Sanchez.pdf

TB3335 - Why are we still not programming securely - Robert C. Seacord.pdf

TB3435 - Next-generation SOC Building a Learning Security Ecosystem using HP ArcSight - Sheldon Malm Mahbod Tavallaee.pdf

TB3593 - ArcSight priority formula - Fred Thiele.pdf

TB3595 - Rise above the noise with automation - Lucas Zaichkowsky Mahmoud Yassin.pdf

TB3596 - Enhancing security monitoring capabilities to support insider threat programs - John Pearce Neal Pollard.pdf

TB3597 - Getting ahead of threats when signature-based detection is not enough - Lance James Jim Bearce.pdf

TB3598 - Arcsight in the Global Logical SOC - Graham Logsdon.pdf

TK3073 - The future of software security Five trends - Jason Schmitt Johsn Corman Tyler Shields Jacob West.pdf

TK3300 - Emerging perspectives on network security postures - Rob Greer Chris Rodriguez Nazim Suleman Partha Panda John Vecchi.pdf

TT2977 - Insider Threat and Security Analytics Why Should You Care - Chris Inglis.pdf

TT2996 - Man-In-The-Front Modifying the Android OS for mobile application testing - Ray Kelly.pdf

TT3015 - HP Application Defender - Rob Putman.pdf

TT3030 - ActionConnector Magic - George A. Boitano.pdf

TT3035 - Bridging the gap SOC and CSIRT - Mitchell Webb.pdf

TT3041 - Condition evaluation enhancements - Antony Jayaraj Alappat.pdf

TT3052 - HP ArcSight Data makes the difference - Mitchell Webb John Rouffas.pdf

TT3058 - Building a high availability ArcSight solution - Paul Brettle.pdf

TT3062 - Reduce security analysis time from hours to minutes by enriching your events - Amit Khandekar.pdf

TT3063 - Non-standard use cases for SIEM technology - Matthew Schnarr.pdf

TT3066 - Leveraging HP ArcSight for breach response.pdf

TT3070 - Three easy ways to enhance security monitoring - Vijay Gupta.pdf

TT3079 - Device Status Monitoring Local Picture on a Global Scale - Alexei Suvorov.pdf

TT3084 - All you need is a filter - Tammy Torbert.pdf

TT3085 - Automation in Incident Response - Karlo Arozqueta Tammy Torbert.pdf

TT3086 - Risk awareness for security operations - Tammy Torbert.pdf

TT3089 - Box SmartConnector - Gary Maxey.pdf

TT3097 - ArcSight SmartConnector Map Files for fun and profit - Mike Weston.pdf

TT3098 - SNMP Unified SmartConnector - Zhong Deng Simran Brar.pdf

TT3099 - Leveraging super-indexed searches - Jason Stoops.pdf

TT3106 - Privacy and security analysis for mobile applications - Jason Haddix.pdf

TT3113 - Exploration of HP ArcSight Database Connectors and best practices - Neela Jorapur Farid Merchant.pdf

TT3114 - Understanding File Reader connector framework - Dipali Shah Farid Merchant.pdf

TT3119 - From ESM to HPSM. and back again! - Vianney Boncorps.pdf

TT3120 - Winning on Windows with a WiNC and a smile - Vianney Boncorps Nanjoo Ban.pdf

TT3126 - CFC performance enhancement - Dipankar Bhattacharyya.pdf

TT3129 - Evaluating performance for optimizing HP ArcSight ESM deployments - Praki Prakash.pdf

TT3132 - An army of Loggers - Damian Skeeles.pdf

TT3134 - Effectively mitigate L2 L3 day zero attack using ESM AE and TRM - Tracy Barella.pdf

TT3139 - Introduction to HP ArcSight ESM Web Services APIs - Shivdev Kalambi.pdf

TT3146 - Tuning HP ArcSight ESM prioritization - Beirne Konarski.pdf

TT3154 - Renovation of the HP Arcsight Logger UI - Kousalya Gopalsamy.pdf

TT3156 - ESM administration from Oracle to MySQL - Kerry Adkin.pdf

TT3161 - Using HP ArcSight API for data visualization - Eugene Afonin.pdf

TT3171 - Heartbleed and the value of vulnerability analysis - Andy Earle.pdf

TT3266 - ArcSight Activate framework - Mary Karnes.pdf

TT3271 - Smart meter monitoring Using HP ArcSight in the utility industry - Tom Hayes.pdf

TT3395 - HP WebInspect's new RESTful API - Brandon Spruth Jeremy Brooks.pdf

TT3589 - Enrich logger search with the new "lookup" operator - Leo Li.pdf



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