Logger 6.0 Demo Use Case Videos

Document created by pbrettle on Jan 12, 2015
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Here at HP, we have a number of demo scenarios and scripts that we can provide to address and show what is capable with Logger 6.0. I took some time to go through these scenarios and record them for sharing here. I hope they help and cover some of the capabilities and functionality that we have and that its useful.



Demo scenario 1 – Lookup lists and simple scenario search for port 443 activity




Demo scenario 2 – Categorization and how to use it




Demo scenario 3 – Simple investigation for port 443 activity




Demo scenario 4 – Simple security use case




Demo scenario 5 – Simple compliance use case




Demo scenario 6 – application logs and multi-line data use case




Demo scenario 7 – Application logs and multi-line logs use case




Demo scenario 8 – Regex with credit cards use case




Demo scenario 9 – Transaction command and searching use case