iPhone & iPad apps for Logger 6.0

Document created by pbrettle on Feb 16, 2015
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Since the announcement of the iPhone and iPad apps for Logger 6.0, there have been quite a few people asking for a closer look and some more information on what it is and how it works. Due to issues with Apple's app store process as well as HP internal processes, its taken a little longer to get this out. Fingers crossed though, it should get released shortly.


The operation is actually VERY familiar to anyone who has used the normal Web interface with the dashboards. All we are doing is using the REST API to login, access, retrieve and display these dashboards. You can of course customize and change these (from the Logger web interface), but the Apps are designed to just display and view the data. Its simple, easy and VERY straightforward to use.


One of the usual questions that gets asked is "can I run a search?" Well no is the simple answer. Although there is some logic and a use case I am sure, the fact that we cannot be sure of the speed of rendering the data, amount of memory the device has and many other variables, it doesnt make sense at the moment. The possibility that a single search might return hundreds of thousands of hits AND pages to display doesnt lend itself to the current search result mechanism. The REST API simply delivers the data and the client (the iPhone and iPad app) renders the data. We aren't acting as a dynamic renderer for the data here, though of course, you could have a reporting tool, analytics interface or other system to receive this data and display it - and don't forget, scrolling around on a small screen doesnt lend itself either!


The next one is "can I view and run reports?" No, sorry. This version is just for dashboards and drill down from them. Maybe at a later date, but at the moment the focus is on the simple way to do things.


Personally, I hope this triggers some people to look at this in more detail and use the REST API more. Its powerful, flexible and something that we will be developing long term. I can't wait to see what people use it for!


iPad App for Logger 6.0



iPhone App for Logger 6.0