Quick Install Demo for SmartConnectors (Linux / Windows)

Document created by pbrettle on Jun 17, 2015
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Hi all,


Something that I am asked about frequently is about "how to install a SmartConnector". In general the process is simple and doesnt need much to be done, but it can also be complicated if the log source doesnt make it easy. So the usual response is "read the PDF on the particular log source" and go from there. However, what I have done is to do a couple of install videos for Linux and Windows to show the process and allow customers to be comfortable in the process. It doesnt do anything special and just shows the install of a daemon Syslog.


Windows platform install of a Syslog SmartConnector

HP ArcSight Windows SmartConnector - YouTube


Linux platform install of a Syslog SmartConnector

HP ArcSight Linux SmartConnector - YouTube


More to come on troubleshooting, what goes where and advanced topics on SmartConnectors!