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TweetLog is a real-time Twitter to syslog conversion tool.



TweetLog converts Twitter messages (tweets) into syslog events.  It's built to follow individual Twitter accounts.

The TweetLog service monitors tweets in (near) real-time and has an option to save them to a local file as well as forward them to a syslog server.  It can be installed and ran as a service on Unix or Windows operating systems.


System Requirements

TweetLog requires Sun JRE 1.6+ to be installed. Sun JRE can be downloaded from Sun Java site (Java Platform. Standard Edition) or installed from a software distribution package (on Linux). Use the command "java -version" to verify that your JRE is installed and available. All necessary third-party dependencies are bundled within the Java distribution package.



TweetLog is a Java based tool that is designed to run as a system service on Windows and Unix platforms, including MacOS X.



All bug submissions and comments should be sent to with the subject line 'Re: Resource Reporter', or using our contact form.


Latest Version

Latest version of the TweetLog can always be found on its meta/labs page.



Need help finding automated message sources?  Take a look at our RegEx Twitter Search engine.



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