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Monday, September 12


Baltimore 1Baltimore 3Annapolis 1Annapolis 3Woodrow Willson BWoodrow Wilson CWoodrow Wilson D
2:30-3:20pmSN15: Primer: Got Reports? The ABC's Level: BasicSN09: How it Works: Assets, Zones, Networks and Customers Level: BasicSN45: Automating Threat Integration Level: IntermediateSN10: Advanced ArcSight Logger Techniques Level: AdvancedSN124: It's 2011, Is Your Environment Secure? Level: BasicCSN20: Facing CyberIntelligence Overload? Avoid Meltdown with a CyberIntelligence Clearinghouse Level: IntermediateCSN29: Application Log Monitoring for Today's Threat Landscape Level: Intermediate
3:30-4:20pmSN116: Primer: Got Reports? Beyond the Basics Level: IntermediateSN47: Now is the Time: Application Level Monitoring Level: BasicSN30: Juice Up Your Logs Level: IntermediateSN01: From Water to Wine (or Use Cases to Content) Level: IntermediateSN136: Security at the Application Layer Level: IntermediateCSN50: SOCs and the Insider Threat: Concepts and Overview Level: BasicCSN49: Tackling Security, Privacy and Compliance in the Healthcare Sector Level: Basic
4:30-5:20pmSN113: Primer: Auditing Oracle Database Activity Level: BasicSN40: Advanced Persistent Threat Security Intelligence Level: IntermediateSN12: ArcSight, Monitor Thyself Level: IntermediateSN130: Seven Keys to Surviving the Modern Threat Landscape Level: BasicCSN35: Emerging Trends: Mobile Information Security with ArcSight Level: BasicCSN10: SIEM: The Next Generation - Moving From Compliance
to Risk Management
Level: Intermediate



Tuesday, September 13


Baltimore 1Baltimore 3Annapolis 1Annapolis 3Chesapeake 1Woodrow Willson BWoodrow Wilson CWoodrow Wilson D
11:00-11:50amSN114: Primer: Auditing Microsoft SQL Database Activity Level: BasicSN42: Establishing Universal Log Management Properties Level: BasicSN140: The HP SIRM Ecosystem: Putting it All Together Level: BasicSN51: Next Generation Fraud Detection Level: AdvancedSN125: OnRamp to Cloud Security: HP TippingPoint's Secure Virtualization Framework Level: BasicCSN27: Automated GRC Policy to Proactively Counter Cyberthreats Level: AdvancedCSN01: Enhancing Your ArcSight ESM Implementation Using Open Source Security Tools Level: Intermediate
2:00-2:50pmSN117: Primer: Auditing Network and Firewall Activity Level: BasicSN24: Security KPIs Based on ITIL and CoBIT Level: BasicSN07: Windows Unified Connector Planning, Implementation and Troubleshooting Level: Intermediate SN02: Tips and Tricks for ArcSight ESM Level: AdvancedCSN57: Future View: From Security Silos to Enterprise Security Intelligence, a Gartner Perspective Level: BasicSN137: Software Security Delivered in the Coud Level: IntermediateCSN45: Sensitive Data Protection with Relatively Simple Correlation Level: IntermediateCSN43: Using Workflow Automation to Reduce Risk and Accelerate Incident Response Level: Intermediate
3:00-3:50pmSN118: Primer: Searching Events with ArcSight Logger 5.0 Level: BasicSN73: Security Maturity: Measuring the Effectiveness of Your SOC Level: Intermediate SN33: Catch Me If You Can Level: AdvancedSN126: Social Networking and the Enterprise: Risk vs. Reward Level: Basic

CSN51: Mitigating Risk with Continuous Monitoring and Auditing of Privileged User Activity Level: Intermediate

CSN14: Critical Success Factors for Successful ArcSight ESM Deployments Level: Advanced
4:00-4:50pmSN119: Primer: Using Variables Level: IntermediateSN111: The New Face of ArcSight Express Level: BasicSN19: Simplify Connector Deployment and Maintenance with ArcSight Connector Appliance Level: IntermediateSN79: Top 10 Ways to Optimize Your SIEM Level: IntermediateSN135: The Bugs that Bad Guys Bank On Level: AdvancedCSN23: Plug and Play the ArcSight Way Level: IntermediateCSN16: ArcSight ESM Performance Tuning with RHEL Level: Advanced
5:00-5:50pmSN120: Primer: Writing Rules Not Meant to be Broken Level: BasicSN18: ArcSight Architecture Showcase Level: BasicSN05: Best Practices for Using and Understanding Trends Level: IntermediateSN107: Connector-to-Connector Communication: The New Encrypted Transports Level: AdvancedSN129: Security Analytics: An HP Labs Project Level: IntermediateCSN32: "Are You A Smart Connector?" Level: IntermediateCSN26: Mastering Messages and Documents Classification Monitoring with ArcSight ESM Level: Basic



Wednesday, September 14


Baltimore 1Baltimore 3Annapolis 1Annapolis 3Chesapeake 3Chesapeake 1Chesapeake 11
9:00-9:50amSN39: ArcSight Logger and IT Ops Level: BasicSN41: Privacy Breach Detection and Security Intelligence Level: IntermediateSN122: Risk Management for Business Processes: A New Approach Level: IntermediateSN80: Advanced User Activity Monitoring with ArcSight IdentityView Level: IntermediateSN138: HP Network Security: The World Has Changed, Have You? Level: Basic

CSN25: SAP Fraud and Business Risk Management with ArcSight Technology Level: Intermediate

CSN38: Tracking Privileged User Access within an ArcSight Logger or SIEM Environment Level: Basic
10:00-10:50amSN49: CoRR Engine Architecture Overview Level: BasicSN125: When SIEM Goes Right Level: BasicSN74: CyberCrime Investigator: Forensic Use of ArcSight ESM Level: Intermediate

CSN56: Going Beyond C&A: Continuous Monitoring for a True Risk Picture Level: Intermediate

SN127: Advanced Visibility via Global Threat Response and Reputation Management Level: IntermediateCSN48: ArcSight ESM as a Platform for Internal/External Security Intelligence Integration Level: IntermediateCSN36: You Can't Correlate What You Don't Have Level: Intermediate
11:00-11:50amSN70: Using ArcSight Express to Analyze Flow Events Level: BasicSN17: Using Baselining to Detect Anomalies Level: IntermediateSN81: Meeting FISMA Continuous Monitoring Requirements with ArcSight ESM Level: IntermediateSN110: ArcSight ESM State of the Union Level: IntermediateSN133: Effective Remediation of Application Vulnerabilities Level: IntermediateCSN09: Using ArcSight Products to Test and Train Your SOC Watch Standards Level: AdvancedCSN36: ArcSight Solutions for the Federal Sector: Trends, Challenges and Approaches Level: Intermediate
1:00-1:50pmSN28: All About Actors Level: BasicSN55: Baseline Requirements: What You Should Be Doing with Your SIEM Level: BasicSN03: Correlating Efficiently: Tips, Techniques and Troubleshooting Level: IntermediateSN37: ArcSight Logger Under the Covers: Exposing the API Level: AdvancedSN128: Security Policy Automation: Sit Back and Relax Level: BasicSN141: Addressing Social Media Threats and Risks to the Enterprise Level: BasicCSN18: Into The World of Proprietary Networks and Cryptic Devices Level: Intermediate
2:00-2:50pmSN59: Protect 724 Community: Expert Solutions at Your Fingertips Level: BasicSN13: Dynamic Event Schemas in ArcSight ESM Level: IntermediateSN53: Maximizing ArcSight Default Content Level: IntermediateSN11: ArcSight ESM Database Performance from the Bottom-Up Level: AdvancedSN134: Repelling the Wily Insider Level: AdvancedCSN41: When Anti-Virus Doesn't Cut It: Catching Malware Level: IntermediateCSN24: Managing Global CyberSecurity Threats: Insights from Japan Level: Basic
3:00-3:50pmSN04: Scaling Log Management Best Practices Level: BasicSN71: Investigating Financial Application Modeling Techniques in ArcSight ESM Level: IntermediateSN85: Running ArcSight ESM Manager at Full Throttle Level: AdvancedSN97: Deep Dive into ArcSight ESM Performance Troubleshooting Level: AdvancedSN132: IT Security is Not SCADA Security Level: IntermediateCSN53: Securing Your Journey into the Cloud and Beyond Level: BasicCSN11: Where are My Logs? Level: Intermediate
4:00-4:50pmSN23: Leveraging SmartConnectors in ArcSight and HP OM/OMi/NNMi Integration Level: BasicSN72: A Tour of Ops: Advanced Customer Use Cases Level: IntermediateSN06: Network Modeling Best Practices Level: IntermediateSN48: API, SDK and Service-Oriented Architecture in ArcSight ESM Level: AdvancedSN131: HP DVLabs Security Intelligence, Research adn Services Level: BasicCSN31: Writing Threat Intelligence Content for Today's Threats Level: IntermediateCSN52: Realizing the Value-Add: Operationalize Your ArcSight ESM Deployment Level: Intermediate