Theater Talks Agenda

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Monday, September 12


Turbo Talk TheaterSolutions TheaterCustomer Theater
12:00pmTT23: Authoring and Sharing of ArcSight FlexConnectors Made EasyST06: Perimeter Security IntelligenceCSN54: Event Flow monitoring: A Working Enterprise Model Level: Advanced
12:30pmTT36: DNS: A Command/Control or Infiltration of InformationST01: SOC for Sale
1:00pmTT33: All Acout ArcSight ESM UpgradesST10: Architecture ReviewCSN06: Standing Up a SOC from Scratch: Tips and Tricks Level: Basic

TT03: ArcSight Logger Search Helper: Searching was Never this Easy

ST02: Security Operations for the Federal Set


TT02: Building an Extended Vulnerability Management System on ArcSight ESMST07: Insider Threat Intelligence
2:30pmTT31: ArcSight SmartConnectors for Database Deep DiveST09: One Size Doesn't Fit All: Customized Training
3:00pmTT14: ArcSight Logger Searching with the Rex Pipeline OperatorST11: Solution Building by ExampleCSN21: Real-Time Threat Management through Risk Intelligent Infrastructure Level: Intermediate
3:30pmTT34: ArcSight vs. KITT, Using CEF to "Talk" to My CarST14: Data Leakage
4:00pmTT05: SANS 20 Critical Security Controls with ArcSight CIPsST13: Solution AcceleratorsCSN33: ArcSight ESM reports: It Pays to Know Your Audience Level: Basic
4:30pmTT19: How Do You Customize Case StudiesST03: Has Your SOC Hit Puberty?



Tuesday, September 13


Turbo Talk TheaterSolutions TheaterCustomer Theater
11:00amTT38: Shedding Light on Side TablesST10: Architecture ReviewCSN17: New Age Risks in Banking: Beat the Fraud Level: Intermediate
11:30pmTT24: Introducing the ArcSight Logger Web Services APIST05: It's a Cluster!
12:00pmTT29: Application of Global Variables in Pattern DiscoveryST03: Has Your SOC Hit Puberty?CSN19: SOC 2.0: Trends, Tips and Tricks Level: Basic
12:30pmTT41: ArcSight Logger Reporting Enhancements Using SQLST07: Insider Threat Intelligence
1:00pmTT37: ArcSight CoRR Engine: Where did Everything Go?ST12: ArcSighth ESM Health CheckCSN55: Leveraging SIEM for Your Cloud Applications Level: Basic
1:30pmTT28: Best Practices and Efficiency Tips for ArcSight RulesST11: Solution Building by Example
2:00pmTT26: ArcSight SmartConnectors: Content VersioningST06: Perimeter Security IntelligenceCSN40: Overcoming Performance Hurdles: How to Build a Multi-Million IOP ArcSight Database Level: Advanced
2:30pmTT30: Parser Versioning Simplifies Monitoring Microsoft Windows Audit LogsST01: SOC for Sale
3:00pmTT22: ArcSight ESM with Oracle 11g DatabaseST08: Automate or Die: Compliance ReportingCSN15: Using Whitelist Security with ArcSight ESM to Prevent Targeted Attacks and APTs Level: Basic
3:30pmTT17: Improved ArcSight Connector Applicance Administration InterfaceST02: Security Operations for the Federal Set
4:00pmTT40: Running an Event Application on the ArcSight PlatformST12: ArcSight ESM Health CheckCSN22: Soccer or Football? / ArcSight ESM or ArcSight Logger? Level: Basic
4:30pmTT07: Understanding ArcSight Logger Appliance System EventsST04: Wiki What?



Wednesday, September 14


Turbo Talk TheaterSolutions TheaterCustomer Theater
10:00amTT25: Exploiting Variables to Build powerful ArcSight ESM ContentST08: Automate or Die: Compliance ReportingCSN39: Anatomy of a High-Profile Attack: Modern Lessons for Security Monitoring Level: Intermediate
10:30pmTT15: Monitoring SmartMeters Using DomainsST14: Data Leakage
11:00pmTT06: Scaling ArcSight Logger Deployment by PeeringST09: Onen Size Doesn't Fit All: Customized TrainingCSN30: Empowering PHI and PII Risk Monitoring with ArcSight ESM and ArcSight IdentityView Level: Intermediate
11:30pmTT35: Syslog Connector Under the HoodST04: Wiki What?
12:00pmTT21: Securing your ArcSight DeploymentST12: ArcSight ESM Health CheckCSN42: ArcSight ESM at NYU: Protecting a Global Enterprise University Level: Intermediate
12:30pmTT11: ArcSight Web 2.0: The Next Generation SIEM Management ConsoleST13: Solution Accelerators
1:00pmTT27: Make Effective Use of the ArcSight Knowledge BaseST11: Solution Building by Example
1:30pmTT01: ArcSight Logger Integration with HP OM and OMiST05: It's a Cluster!