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Title : Websense 7.7.3 up to 7.7.8 Parser Overrides, and categorization files

By    : Dany Cossette

Date  : 2014-10-10


This is my websense parser overrides, categorizer and files.

I can be reached on protect724 as DanyK7



2014-09-18 Modified following notification from Websense:

           During September 17-19, 2014, the category ‘Supplements and Unregulated Compounds’

           will change its name to ‘Nutrition’. The category will provide coverage for

           websites dedicated to the topic of nutrition, including: supplements, vitamins,

           dieting, and the like.

2014-09-19 Modified to add new categorie from 220 to 228.

           Corrected category 201 description.

2014-10-10 Now fully tested under Websense 7.7.8 - no changes were required








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