"Army of Loggers" RSyslog Load Balancing Config Tools

Blog Post created by dskeeles@hpe.com on Aug 15, 2015

These files are provided to assist the user in setting up RSyslog for load balancing across multiple Logger destinations, as will be presented at HP Protect 2015.


At present, these consist of:


  • A basic rsyslog.conf template file, with UDP514 and TCP515 listeners (configurable in the file), and configuration to send UDP Syslog to a range of Logger destinations
  • A simple Excel tool, to assist in generating (and documenting) the list of Logger destinations, which results in an rsyslog.conf snippet which can by copy-and-pasted as text into the marked sections in the sample file above


There are some instructions specific to using the files mentioned above with this approach in the Excel file. Other documentation on rsyslog is available on the 'net. While this specific approach for load balancing does not seem to have been mentioned or documented elsewhere, broader configuration options, output modules, etc. are well documented.


A PPT is also available, and may be added later. Additional findings and progress are documented in my internal blog, which may be shared here at some point in the future.


EDIT: Note this was using the latest rsyslog at the time (v8.x).  It uses a language syntax not supported in older versions bundled in older popular Linux distros, such as rsyslog 5.8 in RHEL 6.5.  This config file will not work, and the methods may not be available, in these older versions